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The One Health Assessment for Planning and Performance (OH-APP) is a monitoring framework for multisectoral coordination mechanisms (MCM) to annually self-assess their organizational capacity and performance to inform planning and development assistance. The OH-APP complements the WHO Joint External Evaluation by providing more specific indicators to measure the maturity of an MCM and benchmark its progress toward becoming a sustainable mechanism capable of coordinating multisectoral and multistakeholder collaboration for preparedness and response to public health threats.

The OH-APP is most appropriate for countries who have both:

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Completed the WHO IHR Joint External Evaluation;

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An existing government ministry, department, or agency with a multisectoral coordination mechanism (MCM) to respond to zoonoses or potential zoonoses, AMR, IHR coordination.

What is a One Health Multisectoral Coordination Mechanism (MCM)?

A One Health multisectoral coordination mechanism (MCM), sometimes referred to as a National One Health Platform, refers to a formalized body that uses a One Health approach to strengthen collaboration, communication, and coordination across the sectors responsible for addressing zoonotic diseases and other health concerns at the human-animal-environment interface. An MCM has routine, ongoing functions and is responsible for coordination, leadership, and governance of efforts among the relevant stakeholders and sectors to achieve jointly-determined and agreed common goals.

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The OH-APP measures the maturity of MCMs in 29 areas, according to four stages of development:


Capacity has not yet been developed or performance has not yet been demonstrated in this area.


The MCM has begun to take action, but has not yet demonstrated capacity or ability to perform in this area.


The MCM has taken action and has demonstrated capacity and performance in this area.


Capacity has been demonstrated and performance is consistent and suitable.

Implementing the OH-APP

The OH-APP is administered over the course of a two-day workshop, using participatory decision-making tools. Assessment results are used to inform decision-making around joint planning, implementation and response to public health threats.

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The process for undertaking an OH-APP includes three phases:

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Phase 1: Pre-Workshop

In this phase, a workshop facilitator and participants from the relevant sectors are identified. Relevant documents, strategies and plans are collected to inform the assessment during the workshop.

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Phase 2: OH-APP Workshop

Participants engage in a participatory self-assessment of their MCM’s organizational capacity and performance. Scores and their rationale are entered in real-time into the online OH-APP. Data visualizations produced by the OH-APP are interpreted by participants and used to inform prioritization and planning of key actions to be taken by the MCM over the coming year.

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Phase 3: Following the Workshop

The report produced by the OH-APP, including assessment scores, visualizations and agreed actions, is used to support MCM annual planning and development assistance. Resources accessible through the OH-APP site are used to support further development of MCM capacity and performance.

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DISCLAIMER: The OH-APP was designed with funding from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Preparedness and Response Project and UKAID under TDDAP and does not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government or the UK or UKAID.